This Week's Needs List (7/12/2021)

Monetary donations are the biggest needs – as it takes nearly $20,000 a month to operate, and we have seen a substantial drop in normal donations since the pandemic has begun.  We also are grateful for any help with in-kind donations.


Please call or email ahead so we know you will be dropping off items, and we can prepare a donation receipt that we can leave on our porch for you.  We are so abundantly grateful.  We will go through safety protocol on how items can be delivered safely.  [email protected] or 479.419.9100

Thank you for blessing us!  


Bottled water
Toiler paper
White vinegar
Spaghetti sauce
Hamburger meat
Gelatin – no flavor
White rice
Diced tomato
Lemon juice
Lighter fluid
Gas drops for baby
Cough medicine for infants
Orange juice
Garlic powder
Garlic salt
Heavy cream