Safe place to stay

Our primary purpose is to offer a safe, nurturing environment that promotes the long-term health and well-being of everyone who come to live with us.

Prepare For The Future

“We address the educational needs of our young women by helping them acquire a high school diploma or GED, start their college journey, and/or work on vocational skills to improve their prospects for self-sufficiency.”

Life Skills Training

Life skills training subjects include child development and parenting; budgeting and finance; cooking and nutrition; home maintenance and exercise.

Complete Pregnancy Care

Compassion House also seeks to serve the family of origin in our ongoing efforts to ensure the health and safety of the teen moms and their babies.

Offering a life-line for girls under 18 who are pregnant and need a safe place to stay and prepare for their futures.

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Some Of Our Services

  • Complete Pregnancy Care

    Residents receive complete pregnancy care including prenatal, labor, delivery, and post-partum care from qualified local physicians.
  • Professional Counseling

    Individual counseling helps residents resolve emotional issues and helps them make an informed decision about whether to parent or place their babies. Group counseling addresses sexual and abstinence issues. We also offer family and couples’ counseling.
  • Life Skills Training

    Life skills training subjects include child development and parenting; budgeting and finance; cooking and nutrition; home maintenance and exercise.


  • I came from a background of drugs and abuse and lived what I learned. At 15 I was convicted of assault and battery. I spent the next eight months in and out of jail, doing drugs and skipping school. When I found out I was pregnant, I was shocked and scared. When I was sent to Compassion House, I found that the staff really cared about me. I realized I needed to learn how to be a good mom so I could set a new, better example for my baby. It won’t be easy but now I feel like I can make it.
    Setting an Example (Cathy)
  • I was living a life of rebellion and selfishness and headed toward destruction. My world came crashing down when I became pregnant at age sixteen. My family told me that abortion was my only option if I wanted to continue living with them. When I refused, my mom arranged to have me placed at Compassion House. I really felt loved by the staff. Living there taught me how to be independent and make good decisions. Without the help of Compassion House, I don’t know what would have happened to me and to my baby.
    Experiencing Love (Pam)
  • As a 17 year old senior, I decided I wasn’t ready to raise my unborn son. While at Compassion House I decided to place my baby. I chose an open adoption in which pictures and letters would be exchanged between me and the adoptive family throughout my child’s life. Compassion House was a big part of my special miracle.
    Adoption Story (Brittany), Dentist
  • I was in an abusive situation with the father of my baby. At Compassion House I had a safe place to stay. I was able graduate from high school and make plans to attend college. My beautiful baby and I have a real chance for a fresh start.
    Freedom from Abuse (Rebecca), Manager
  • I was in crisis with a lot of needs and no way to meet them. I didn’t have a driver’s license, high school diploma, or a home to call my own. Compassion House helped me get a driver’s license, finish my education, get all the things I needed for my baby and find a place to live after my baby was born.
    Escape from Chaos (Shelly), programmer
  • I was an abused alcoholic with a lot of family, relationship and health problems. I couldn’t and wouldn’t stop drinking. After coming to Compassion House, I realized that God has a future and a hope for me and my baby. For the first time in my life I realized I was worth fighting for. I was able to recognize my limitations and chose to make an adoption plan for my daughter. She is now with a loving family.
    Life Change (Leanne), manager